Home Steam Room

A steam room is a heated room used for relaxing and relieving various health problems. They were originally found in spas and gyms, but many homeowners are now choosing to get a home steam room for privacy and consistency. Steam rooms use water-filled generators to pump steam into the space, creating temperatures that are typically between 110°F and 114°F. The humidity level is 100 percent, so the heat in a home steam room results in a very wet environment when compared to a sauna. If you are searching for saunas for sale, you may want to consider getting a steam room as well.   

A Look at the Many Steam Room Benefits

Home steam room

Because of the humidity generated, there are several steam room benefits. These include:

  • Improved circulation in older adults by dilating small blood vessels.

  • Healthier skin resulting from the removal of toxins from below the skin, along with the cleaning away of dirt and dead skin.

  • Quicker post-workout recovery as moist heat reduces pain and increases muscle strength.

  • A boosted immune system by exposing the body to warm water, which stimulates the cells and allows them to fight infection.

  • Reduced congestion as the environment warms up the mucous membranes and eases deep breathing.

  • Reduced stress because the heat increases the body’s production of endorphins, and the increase of cortisol levels helps the body to feel more relaxed. Relaxation is one of the main steam room benefits.

Steam rooms were traditionally made from ceramic or stone. Since these can be unsanitary, they are now made from hybrid materials that are less porous. They are built in such a way that condensed moisture flows down the walls, not onto users.  

How to Use a Steam Room for Maximum Results

If you want to reap all the potential benefits, you need to know how to use a steam room properly. You should:

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