Enjoying a first-class water source in your home or business can be hard to achieve without the right filtration system. Filtration systems that use a whole house reverse osmosis water system give you peace of mind when you fill that big glass of drinking water. To find out more about us, check out water treatment systems online.

Over time, your home or business can develop water that is cloudy and full of minerals and give your water an unpleasant taste; it could also possibly be harmful to your health. To remedy or prevent this from happening, investing in the right reverse osmosis water system from a qualified company is your best course of action. Kaupas Water provides you with certified professionals who test your water before the installation of our reverse osmosis water system. We even host water tastings!

What Does a Reverse Osmosis Water System Do?

Residential and commercial properties can benefit from the best reverse osmosis water system in many ways.

  • Improve Taste

  • Drinking water systems remove contaminants that can discolor your water, give it an odor, and cause it to have a weird taste. 

  • Simple Maintenance

  • Because the unit has few moving parts, ongoing maintenance is simple. 

  • Save Money

  • Once you have the best reverse osmosis water system installed, you can cancel your water delivery service. 

  • Remove Contaminants

  • Using a water purification system gets rid of pesticides, chlorine, arsenic, and bacteria. 

How Much Will a Reverse Osmosis Water System Cost?

Cost is always a factor when making an important decision about your home’s water. Choosing a water purification unit includes hiring the best professionals to install it. This is not a DIY project. 

The lower end of the reverse osmosis water system cost is faucet-based, with the price ranging anywhere from $100-$250. The next level above the faucet-based models for a reverse osmosis water system cost upwards of $1,000. If you are considering buying any of our products in the Copper Mountain, Silverthorne, Dillon, Breckenridge, Keystone, or Frisco areas, contact us today!

What people are saying about Kaupas Water...

  • Mike Magliocchetti - General Manager Key to The Rockies Property Management

    Kaupas Water has been our "Go To" company for the past 27 years. They've installed countless numbers of residential and commercial spas in many of my managed properties. I continue to use them because I've found them to be the most reliable and knowledgeable spa company in the business. The quality of their service and workmanship is first class.

  • Alastair Brogan - Breckenridge, CO

    I was recommended Kaupas Water when I purchased my house in Breckenridge in 2012.Kaupas Water advised, designed and installed our spectacular hot tub aa well as organized the landscaping around it. From the onset, Ed and his team were professional and easy to work with.

  • Todd Pahl - Breckenridge, CO

    We have a complex water system in our home. Kaupas Water Labs took the time to thoroughly review all the systems to fully understand how it was currently functioning and then put together a complete plan to significantly upgrade our system.

  • Chris Turner - Leadville, CO

    The team at Kaupas is awesome. They are easy to work with and always accommodating. I know if I ever have an issue or a question they are happy to help. Their storage rates are fair and my boat is always returned to me in the same condition I left it. If I have a mechanical question, or service concern, they are happy to walk me through it and educate me. I would recommend Kaupas for all your boat ownership needs.”

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