Sauna / Steam

If you are looking for an alternative to a hot tub, with the match of peace and relaxation look no further than a sauna or steam room. Both a sauna or steam room can improve your health in a number of ways. If you are considering installing a residential or commercial sauna or steam room, we are here to help. We currently carry Mr. Steam, Steamist, and Sauna Core. All of these models offer an elegant, relaxing environment for a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a new steamer or sauna or accessories for your existing unit, Kaupas Water is the place to look. Take a look at our comparison chart below to help you decide which unit would best fit your needs. You can also come into our showroom, and browse the many brochures and catalogs we have for all the brands we carry. We can also come out on site, and talk further about your options while keeping your budget, and space limitations in mind.

You will notice from the chart that saunas and steam rooms offer many of the same benefits such as an increase in blood and lymphatic circulation, improvement in the quality and feel of skin, while also improving breathing, relaxing muscles and aiding in weight loss. It is a personal preference when choosing between a sauna or steam room. Some factors to consider while deciding is the reason for purchase, space requirements, preference on dry vs. wet heat, and overall enjoyment level in both. We are here to help you navigate the models and find one that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Benefits of Sauna vs. Steam