Grecian Spas

Grecian Spas have been custom tailoring residential and commercial spas since 1976. They manufacture their lines in Texas, and are completely customizable to meet any size, style or requirement you may have. Grecian Spas is our go-to line for custom sized hot tubs, or commercial needs. They offer commercial and residential lines that offer varied styles to ensure you will be able to find a Grecian Spa that meets all your needs. We currently do not have any models in our showroom, as they are completely custom built to exact customer specifications. We do have many local businesses where you can see a Grecian Spa in action, or you can also look in our photo gallery.  Give us a call of stop by the showroom to discuss if a Grecian Spa would work for you!

Grecian Spa currently offers six style choices for residential style tubs, and three style choices for commercial grade tubs. These styles can easily accommodate anywhere from four to twelve people comfortable, and offer a wide selection of customization. You can not only customize the shape and/or size, but you can tailor the depth markings, waterline tile, skimmers, and plumbing system. Grecian Spa is second to none when it comes to custom packages to meet your residential or commercial needs. These spas can also range in price because of the customization available on each style. You can browse below to find a style that best meets your needs, and even click to find more information on that particular style. We are also always available to answer any questions you may have by contacting our office or stopping by our showroom.