Water Treatment

We offer treatment and testing of not only hot tubs and pools but also of whole house drinking systems. Water quality is a common concern for many living in the Mountains, because of Colorado’s high mineral content. We can ease most all of our customer's concerns simply after doing a test and evaluating solutions. Water quality is a very serious and important issue to consider when drinking from the tap, filing a hot tub, or even running your washer. Water issues cannot only stain appliances, clothes, hot tub shells, and fixtures but can also have serious health repercussions if not corrected. If you have a current water filtration system we carry over forty types of filters. From big to small, we probably have your water filtration filter in stock, and if not, we can always have the filter delivered within a week to get your system up and running pristine once more. We also stock softening salts and softening pellets, and can help you load them into your vehicle or schedule delivery for a small charge. If you are looking for a new water filtration system we are one of the top EcoWater dealers in the west, and carry many models in stock to quickly address any and all water concerns. We carry almost the entire line of EcoWater from reverse osmosis under the sink units to iron removal units, to water softening conditioning systems. If you have an issue we have a system to solve it!

If you doubt your water quality at all, the first step would be to test your water. If you are looking for water testing for your household water supply, Kaupas is your one-stop shop! Here at Kaupas Water our State Certified Lab Technician can test your water supply for over forty different elements that may be affecting the quality of your water source. You may be looking to test your water if you are detecting a problem or odor, or you may want to test your water simply for peace of mind. Whatever the case may be, Kaupas Water Labs has trained professionals to not only test your water but also treat your water if there is an issue present. If you are experiencing hard water, iron or magnesium problems, ‘rotten eggs smell’, or any other concerns we are here to help. Kaupas Water Labs also works with many realtors and financial institutions for their mandatory water testing for new home purchases. We run several tests to check multiple parameters to ensure your water is safe! Our basic water analysis will cover the following parameters: PH, chlorine, sulfates, total alkalinity, hardness, ammonia nitrogen, coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, total iron, manganese, total dissolved solids, turbidity raw, turbidity filtered at twenty, total PO4, total NO3, and hydrogen sulfide. If you are more concerned with a specific parameter not listed above, we also offer specific contaminant testing. Kaupas Water can also test for the following parameters: bacteria tests only, nitrates only, aluminum, arsenic, copper, lead, and sodium chloride. After the water analysis, we can recommend the exact product or process to fix any problems your water may contain. We will advise you of any issues that need immediate attention, provide expert advice and supply solutions for whatever issues might exist. Take the next step, and have the peace of mind that your families drinking water is safe.

We also offer many testing kits, from the basic easy to use, to more complex testing kits for hot tubs and pools. We carry most lines of Taylor Testing Kits in our showroom, and our trained salesmen can assist you with using the kits properly. If you are not comfortable testing your own residential or commercial hot tub or pool, one of our technicians will be available to test your water source for you, for a low fee. Once the hot tub or pool is tested, you can read the results immediately with our basic take-home kits, and accurately source the problem, if any, in your hot tub and pool. We offer all the chemicals your pool or hot tub might need to run at its optimum prime. Our Taylor test kits are easy to use, and a valuable part of your hot tub or pool maintenance. Take the guesswork out of testing your spa or pool, with our test kits!

What people are saying about Kaupas Water...

  • Mike Magliocchetti - General Manager Key to The Rockies Property Management

    Kaupas Water has been our "Go To" company for the past 27 years. They've installed countless numbers of residential and commercial spas in many of my managed properties. I continue to use them because I've found them to be the most reliable and knowledgeable spa company in the business. The quality of their service and workmanship is first class.

  • Alastair Brogan - Breckenridge, CO

    I was recommended Kaupas Water when I purchased my house in Breckenridge in 2012. Kaupas Water advised, designed and installed our spectacular hot tub aa well as organized the landscaping around it. From the onset, Ed and his team were professional and easy to work with.

  • Todd Pahl - Breckenridge, CO

    We have a complex water system in our home. Kaupas Water Labs took the time to thoroughly review all the systems to fully understand how it was currently functioning and then put together a complete plan to significantly upgrade our system.

  • Chris Turner - Leadville, CO

    The team at Kaupus is awesome. They are easy to work with and always accommodating. I know if I ever have an issue or a question they are happy to help. Their storage rates are fair and my boat is always returned to me in the same condition I left it. If I have a mechanical question, or service concern, they are happy to walk me through it and educate me. I would recommend Kaupus for all your boat ownership needs.


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