Pool & Spa Chemicals

Kaupas Water Labs has a long-term and outstanding relationship with major chemical suppliers in the industry. With this relationship we are able to carry most all brands in-house, and for a great low price! We pass along these low, longtime, discounts straight to the customer to enjoy! With 39 years comes a trusted knowledge of all chemical product lines, and which ones would best suit your needs. There is no guesswork with us, only great products! Let our trained employees help you get started with a user-friendly starter kit, or help find better products for longtime spa users looking to better their experience.

There are many product lines out there, and it can be very confusing to many as to which is the best, or at least what’s the difference? Our staff is trained to look at the labels for you, and know which chemicals are the most effective and (in what amount) to best suit your needs! We test all our product lines on our showroom hot tubs, and with some willing maintenance accounts. With these ongoing tests, we are able to accurately determine the best chemical lines available, and the best way to use these products efficiently.

With so many great products available, we carry many household names in house, but if there is a company you prefer to use, we can usually acquire any chemical out there. The brands we showcase in our showroom are from some of the following trusted chemical companies: Aquacheck, Baqua, Biolab, GLB, Leisure Time, Natural Chemistry, Nature 2, Omni, Protech, Sea Klear, Spa Essentials, SpaPure, Super Blue, Taylor, Ultima, and Rendezvous. Most of these companies have been around longer than us, and with our combined knowledge together, we truly can offer you the best option for whatever your pool or hot tub needs may be.

Kaupas Water Labs also offers the convenience to our commercial accounts, for chemical deliveries every week Wednesday or Friday --it's your choice. This service is free of charge, and offered for any commercial account, whether ordering a small test kit, or five drums of hydrogen peroxide, we will see you each Wednesday or Friday!

Give Kaupas Water a call or stop by our showroom, and let us take your hot tub or pool experience to the next level!

What people are saying about Kaupas Water...

  • Mike Magliocchetti - General Manager Key to The Rockies Property Management

    Kaupas Water has been our "Go To" company for the past 27 years. They've installed countless numbers of residential and commercial spas in many of my managed properties. I continue to use them because I've found them to be the most reliable and knowledgeable spa company in the business. The quality of their service and workmanship is first class.

  • Alastair Brogan - Breckenridge, CO

    I was recommended Kaupas Water when I purchased my house in Breckenridge in 2012. Kaupas Water advised, designed and installed our spectacular hot tub aa well as organized the landscaping around it. From the onset, Ed and his team were professional and easy to work with.

  • Todd Pahl - Breckenridge, CO

    We have a complex water system in our home. Kaupas Water Labs took the time to thoroughly review all the systems to fully understand how it was currently functioning and then put together a complete plan to significantly upgrade our system.

  • Chris Turner - Leadville, CO

    The team at Kaupus is awesome. They are easy to work with and always accommodating. I know if I ever have an issue or a question they are happy to help. Their storage rates are fair and my boat is always returned to me in the same condition I left it. If I have a mechanical question, or service concern, they are happy to walk me through it and educate me. I would recommend Kaupus for all your boat ownership needs.


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